Accelerated Reader

The Cape Girardeau Public School District has implemented a supplemental reading program known as Accelerated Reader. Clippard school is currently using this program.  Accelerated Reader is a computer based program which allows each student to test his/her reading abilities in order to be placed at the correct reading level.  The student is then able to select books in the proper reading level and read for comprehension at his/her own reading rate.  After completing a book, the student takes a quiz found on the computer in the Accelerated Reading Program, which is immediately scored by the computer.  This allows students to practice reading comprehension skills with immediate feedback.  It also allows teachers to monitor individual reading skills on a consistent basis.

At the current time, parents can learn which Accelerated Reading quizzes are currently owned by Clippard Elementary School by going to the Renaissance Learning web page at  There is a link from the Clippard's home page for your convenience.  Any quiz found on their web page is a quiz students can access from school. 

 Please take part in your child's education by encouraging your child to read and by reading with your child.  The more a child reads, the better a child reads!