School Supplies

The teachers at Clippard Elementary School are dedicated to the education of all students.  In order for a child to truly function well within the classroom setting, it is important that he/she have the necessary tools.   For that purpose, the teachers have made a list of necessary supplies for each grade level.  Please review the list, and check with your child periodically throughout the year to see if replacements are needed.  If you need assistance with these supplies, please let Dr. Herbst know.

Clippard Elementary School Supply List 2016-17 

PreK Supply List

Change of clothes (in a bag, labeled with the child’s name)
Backpack (labeled with name) – no wheels, please
Other supplies we could use:
Baby wipes
Disinfecting wipes,
Paper towels
Glue sticks
Washable markers
Watercolor paints
Dry erase markers
Hand sanitizer
Zip-top bags, quart and gallon
Any items you are able to provide will be helpful – thank you!

Kindergarten Supply List

Items labeled with child’s name:

 1      plastic pencil box (approx. 8x5)

 1      Fiskars brand scissors

3       boxes Crayola crayons (24 count)

1       backpack, average size

1       large bath or beach towel in plastic bag (no Kindermats please)

$20 cooking/snack fee (checks made out to the teacher)

*Tennis shoes worn on P.E. days

Must-have items for shared use (no need to label):

 1      box tissues, large

 1      container baby wipes

 1      pkg. pencils

 1      pkg. construction paper

10     Elmer’s brand glue sticks

 1      pkg. washable markers, wide

 2      pkg. Expo brand dry erase markers, wide

Other optional supplies we could use:

Disinfecting wipes

Paper plates

Hand sanitizer


Zip-top bags, gallon and sandwich sizes

1st Grade Supply List

 1       backpack – bring to school daily

 2       boxes crayons (24 count)

24      #2 lead pencils, sharpened

12      glue sticks (more needed later)

 1       scissors

 2       boxes of tissues, large

 1       pencil box (large enough to hold crayons, glue, pencils, and scissors)

 2       folders with pockets

 2       pink erasers, large

 1       pkg. construction paper, asst. colors

 1       box baby wipes

 1       container disinfecting wipes

 1       pkg. Crayola markers

 1       spiral notebook, 70 pg. count

 1       box zip-top bags:

          gallon-size (girls)

          sandwich-size (boys)

 2       Expo dry erase markers

 1       ream colored copy paper (not construction)

 2       drawing pads or coloring books

*Tennis shoes worn on P.E. days

*No trapper keepers, pencil sharpeners, or mechanical pencils

2nd Grade Supply List

24      #2 lead pencils

 2       boxes crayons (24 count)

 1       pencil box

 1       scissors, sharp point

 4       pink erasers, large

 1       pkg. markers (name on it)

 1       pkg. dry erase markers

 8       glue sticks

 1       12” ruler (name on it)

 2       folders with pockets

 3       boxes of tissues, large

 2       pkgs. baby wipes

 1       container disinfecting wipes

 1       roll paper towels

 1       box zip top bags:

          gallon-size (boys)

          quart-size (girls)

1      pkg. construction paper

*Tennis shoes worn on P.E. days

*No trapper keepers

3rd Grade Supply List

72      Ticonderoga brand pencils, sharpened

 1       box pencil-top erasers

 1       pkg. markers

10      dry erase markers

 1       box crayons (46 count)

 4       pocket folders WITH HOLES

 2       boxes of tissues, large

 4       glue sticks

 1       scissors

 1       pencil box

 2       containers disinfecting wipes

 1       5-subject spiral notebook

 1       1” binder

*$5.00 for assignment notebook purchased at school

*Tennis shoes worn on P.E. days

4th Grade Supply List

 5       1-subject spiral notebooks, WIDE RULED

 1       pkg. notebook paper, WIDE RULED

 4       folders with pockets (no prongs)

 1       pencil pouch or pencil box

 8       glue sticks

48      #2 pencils (NO mechanical pencils)

 1       box crayons

 1       4-pk dry erase markers

 1       box colored pencils (twistable preferred)

 2       boxes tissues, large

 1       container baby wipes

 1       container disinfecting wipes

*$5.00 for assignment notebook purchased at school

*Tennis shoes worn on P.E. days

Teachers’ Wish List:

Extra #2 pencils



Dry erase markers

Spiral notebooks, WIDE RULED

Disinfecting wipes